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Getting a new car when you have bad credit can be a nightmare. Your typical dealership isn’t going to approve you for a loan when your credit score is below what they deem acceptable. At The Key, we are a bad credit car dealer that takes pride in offering car financing for those with bad credit. We understand you aren’t a bad person because you have either made poor financial decisions in the past or you lost your job and were unable to pay your bills for a period of time. You don’t deserve to be denied the car you need because you weren’t able to cover your bills in the past. This is why we specialize in bad credit auto financing for Houston, TX, customers.

Car Loan Bankruptcy Houston, TX

Getting a car loan after bankruptcy can be a complicated task. Most lenders aren’t going to give you money when you were just cleared of owing money to other creditors. They will be hesitant to accept that you are ready to make these types of payments. Fortunately, we understand going bankrupt doesn’t mean you are unable to fulfill your financial obligations moving forward. Sometimes getting a fresh slate is all that is needed to put you back on a positive financial path. With our bankruptcy car loans, you can get the car you need without worrying about your bankruptcy negatively affecting your ability to get a loan.

Get A Car With Bad Credit Houston, TX

Bad credit auto financing isn’t an easy thing to find. However, there are cars for people with bad credit available if you know where to find them. As a bad credit auto dealer, we are here to help you get the financing you need to afford a reliable car, despite the state of your credit. In fact, at The Key we accept any credit score in Houston, TX. You can get approved on your income alone. As long as you can afford to pay for the car and can pass our fast and easy approval system, we will extend a loan to you.

Bad Credit Auto Dealer Houston, TX

Buying bad credit or no credit cars in Houston, TX, doesn’t mean you will end up driving a rusty car off the lot. In fact, many of the cars we offer on our lot are just as good as those you may find at your typical dealership in Houston, TX. All of our cars are fully inspected and repaired to ensure you get an operational, reliable vehicle to drive. Many of the cars even offer relatively low mileage so you won’t have to worry about how long your car will last. Best yet, we offer a 4 Year/40K Miles Power Train Warranty on the purchase of select vehicles on our lot. This gives you peace of mind you are making a wise investment. A used car for bad credit does not equal low quality.

Houston, TX Bad Credit Auto Financing

Here at The Key, we can offer the financing options you need to get a reliable car. We understand most people who suffer from bad credit are good people and that sometimes bad things happen that are beyond our control. This is why we offer auto financing for bad credit. We want to make sure you can get behind the wheel of the car you want rather than having to settle for something that will cost you more money in the long run. All you need to do is provide us with a few pieces of information, including your income, and you will receive an answer in just a few minutes.

Houston, TX Bad Credit Car Dealers

Bad credit car loans aren’t an illusion. As long as you choose the right bad credit auto dealer, you can count on getting a reliable car, regardless of the state of your credit. We strive to help our customers find the perfect car to suit their needs, all while giving them the bad credit auto financing required to pay for the car with no worries. You won’t find a bigger selection of reliable used cars anywhere else in the Houston, TX, area. Contact The Key today!


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