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How to Avoid Flood-Damaged Cars in Oklahoma

Along with the huge damages to property and lives across the region, the spring flooding in Oklahoma and Texas also lead to other problems. An article on Jalopnik pointed to one of the biggest – as many as 10,000 flood-damaged cars from Texas alone could be resold out of state to unsuspecting buyers.

Oklahoma City

How to Buy a Used Pickup Truck in Oklahoma City

Buying a used pickup truck in Oklahoma City is a little different from buying other kinds of used cars. Along with the huge variety of trucks on the market, there are also lots of reasons you might need a truck. Some people use them for daily drivers, but others need the versatility that a pickup … Continued

Used Car in OKC

Want a Quality Used Car in OKC? Come to The KEY!

Here at The KEY, we don’t sell the same kinds of used cars as other used car dealerships in Oklahoma City. Sure, many of them are the same brands and models that you’ll find at other dealerships, but the difference between our cars and theirs is simple: quality. We work hard to ensure that every … Continued

Used Car in OKC

Discover Your Perfect Car: Online OKC Used Car Inventory

Shopping for a used car in Oklahoma City can be tough – there are dozens of dealerships and used car lots in the city, each one with their own inventory of new and used cars to browse through. However, only one used car dealer offers incredible, high-quality used cars at great prices even when you … Continued

Used Car in OKC

Choosing the Right Used Car: Two-Wheel Drive or Four-Wheel Drive?

Let The KEY help you choose the Right Used Car If you’re looking to buy a used car, one of the toughest choices you’ll have to make is whether you want a car with two-wheel, four-wheel, or all-wheel drive. The kind of drive a car uses can affect how it performs in many ways, like … Continued

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Need a Car Today? The KEY Can Help!

Need a Car Today? The KEY Can Help! Lots of things can happen that can cause you to lose your car. Bankruptcy, car accidents, or divorce can all wipe out your finances and leave you unable to purchase a new vehicle. But you can solve at least some of these woes by coming to The … Continued

Buy Here Pay Here Dealership

Five Questions to Ask Your Buy Here, Pay Here Car Dealer

Five Questions to Ask Your Buy Here, Pay Here Car Dealer When you’re shopping for a used car at an Oklahoma City buy here pay here car lot, you’re probably looking for a great deal on a car that works with your finances and your life situation. We understand that, and that’s why the salespeople … Continued