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How to Save on Insurance by Boosting Your Credit Score

Insurance rates are one of the biggest costs that come along with buying a used car in Oklahoma City. They are also one of the most variable. Your insurance rate can change based on your age, job, driving history, and the car you drive. It can also go up or down depending on your credit … Continued

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Popular Features to Look For in a Used Car

Shopping for a used car in Oklahoma City involves more than just choosing a make and model. For instance, at our OKC used car lot we carry many different versions of the same model car or truck, each with different features and options. Before you decide on the used car you want, you’ll need to … Continued

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What Does a 5-Star Safety Rating Mean?

Most vehicles for sale today tout safety as a major selling point. Cars and trucks today are safer than they’ve ever been, but not every vehicle is made equal. If you’re concerned about safety while shopping at The KEY’s buy here, pay here car lot, you want to purchase a vehicle with a 5-star safety … Continued

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The KEY’s Simple Tips for a Better Credit Score

Simple Tips for a Better Credit Score When you come to The KEY to find a used car, one of the first things we do is take a look at your credit. But unlike other used car dealers in Oklahoma City, we’re not trying to penalize you for mistakes you made in the past. Instead, … Continued

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The KEY is Expanding its Buy Here, Pay Here Car Lot!

The KEY is Expanding its Buy Here, Pay Here Car Lot! One of the best things about our Oklahoma City buy here, pay here car dealership is the great selection of vehicles we offer to our customers. We understand people have different needs (and different wants!) so we stock our lot with the cars and … Continued

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We Built This Company For You: The Key

We built our company for you. You told us that you don’t want typical, pushy “used-car-salesman”.  We agree.  You won’t find any of our customer service representatives pushing you into a car you don’t want or don’t need.  In fact, we work with you to make sure your selection best fits your budget and lifestyle.  … Continued

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Used Car Dealerships Oklahoma

There are thousands of used cars in Oklahoma. Because any car is a “used car”. Your car is a “used car.” But when you suddenly realize you need a new “used car”, where should you look? We recommend looking at The KEY. Because at The KEY, our pre-owned cars are better than anyone else’s. Why? … Continued