January 19, 2022

Diy Engine Cleaning Tips To Prolong Your Vehicle’s Life

Diy Engine Cleaning Tips To Prolong Your Vehicle's Life

If you’re like most car owners, you likely don’t give much thought to your car engine. As long as it’s running smoothly, who cares, right?

But did you know that one of the best ways to prolong the life of your vehicle is to clean its engine regularly? This article will make it easy for you to clean your car engine at home without help.

Allow Your Engine to Cool Off

The first step is to allow it to cool down. Engines get very hot and can cause serious burns if you are not careful. Ensure the car has been sitting for a few hours to completely cool the engine before beginning the cleaning process.

Wear Protective Gear

When cleaning your engine, it is important to wear protective gear. This includes long pants, a long-sleeved shirt, and closed-toe shoes. You do not want any dirty oil or chemicals on your skin. Don’t forget the gloves, either!

Remove Dirt & Debris from the Engine

The next step is to remove all dirt and debris from the engine bay. This can be done with a brush or a vacuum cleaner. Be sure to get into all nooks and crannies so the engine is completely clean. If you leave any dirt on the engine, it will just spread the dirt around when you apply a degreaser later on.

Use Plastic Bags to Cover Fragile Parts

If you notice any delicate parts under the hood, such as loose wires, you’ll want to protect them from the degreaser and cleaner. You can do this by using a few plastic bags. Place the bags over the fragile parts and tie them off, so they’re secure.

Apply a Degreaser and Start Scrubbing

Now that the engine is clean, it’s time to apply a degreaser. This will help break down any built-up grease and grime on the engine. Spray the degreaser all over the engine and start scrubbing with a brush. Be sure to get into all of the nooks and crannies so the degreaser can do its job. Once the degreaser has had a chance to work, dry the engine off with a towel. Ensure that the engine is completely dry, or you may experience problems later.

Be sure to read the instructions on the bottle carefully so that you know how to use it safely. Always test any cleaner in an inconspicuous area before using it on the entire engine.

Apply a Protectant

Now that the engine is clean, it’s time to apply a protectant coat. This will help keep the engine looking new and prevent corrosion. Again, read the instructions on the bottle carefully. Once the protectant has been applied, allow it to dry completely before starting the vehicle. Driving with a wet protectant can cause damage to your engine.

It’s crucial to care for your car if you don’t want it to break down at the worst possible time. After you buy a used car, ensure that you get it serviced regularly to prolong its life. Neglecting timely car service will seriously harm your vehicle and reduce its resale value. At The Key Online – OKC, serving Oklahoma City, OK, we sell high-quality used vehicles and highly recommend that you care for them so they continue serving you for many years to come.


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