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Used Car in OKC

How to Line Up References for your Used Car Purchase

Getting a car loan when you have bad credit requires you to take a few extra steps. One of these is providing references to your lender in order to get approved. But why do bad credit lenders ask you to provide references at all? And how can you be sure your references are what they … Continued

Used Car in OKC

Should I Consider Fuel Economy when Used Car Shopping in OKC?

Low gas prices seem to be all anyone is talking about these days. If you’re shopping for a used car in Oklahoma City, these low prices raise some big questions. For example, now that gas is cheap, do you need to worry about fuel economy? What does cheaper gas really mean for you?

car maintenance

Seven Tips to Make Your Used Car Last Longer

In the old days, a car owner was lucky if he or she could keep a car on the road for 100,000 miles. Today the situation is different. More advanced manufacturing, fluids, and parts keep cars on the road longer than ever before. That means it’s easier to find a quality used car and make … Continued

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How to Save on Insurance by Boosting Your Credit Score

Insurance rates are one of the biggest costs that come along with buying a used car in Oklahoma City. They are also one of the most variable. Your insurance rate can change based on your age, job, driving history, and the car you drive. It can also go up or down depending on your credit … Continued

OK Financing

How to Get a Car Loan When You’re Self-Employed

Working for yourself can be great, but it also presents challenges that most workers don’t face. One of the biggest is getting approved for a loan when you don’t have traditional proof of income. At The KEY in Oklahoma City, we work with self-employed car shoppers regularly. There are some differences in the way you … Continued

Oklahoma City

7 Simple Reasons Not to Buy Cars on Craigslist or eBay

The Internet has made many things easier, including buying used cars in Oklahoma. But is it a good idea to trust the web with your next car? Buying a car on Craigslist or eBay might seem like a cheap way to find some new wheels. In reality, it’s often a cause of headaches and heartbreak.

car maintenance

Essential Used Car Maintenance Tasks You’re Probably Neglecting

Owning a used car in Oklahoma City means freedom and opportunity for many people. However, that freedom also comes with responsibility. It’s important to take good care of your car and check or replace parts that are wearing out. Doing so can extend the lifespan of your car by hundreds of thousands of miles; at … Continued