November 1, 2016

Online Sales Team Delivers 100 Vehicles to Out of Area Customers

Since The KEY’s Online Delivery  launch in November of 2014 The KEY’s Online sales team has had a goal of delivering 100 vehicles. The online sales team started with Josh and Katrina as the only two employees in the department an gradually increased to a team of 12. In July of 2016 that goal was achieved and the online team hit a 101 vehicles sold.The Key’s online sales team celebrates their victories by having a night out on the company.

“The “Centi Party” as COO, Josh Fish explains , “Was a long term goal that took months of hard work and devotion of hitting our short term monthly goals. This was a proud moment for us all and we wanted to make this event a special one.”  The team celebrated their success at   Red Prime Steak House  in Oklahoma City. The KEY awarded every team member  a  personalized Yeti  etched with their name and a memory of the 100 units sold.