February 17, 2022

8 Signs There Is Trouble Revving In Your Vehicle’s Transmission!

8 Signs There Is Trouble Revving In Your Vehicle's Transmission!

The earlier you get your car’s mechanical & electrical faults detected, the more you can save in remediating costs, all the while retaining your car’s value. The car’s transmission is one such vital part of a vehicle’s drivetrain that, if damaged, can turn to a very costly repair and an even higher replacement bill.

The Key Online seeks your best interests at heart and specifically aims to secure your investment in times of financial hardships & life matters. We want your car in tip-top shape always, so we’re helping you determine how to identify a faulty transmission and what to do about it.

1. Engine Light

If your engine light comes on and you have had impeccable engine maintenance, something else could be afoot. Your transmission could be at risk if your car has logged over 80,000 miles. Connect an OBD-II tool; if you get codes starting with P6 or P7, the problem is with the transmission.

2. Stuck Gears

Regardless of the type of transmission you have (AT, MT, AMT, or DCT), if the gears are struggling with the shifting mechanism, your transmission fluid is probably low or of the incorrect type. Get to a mechanic.

3. Slippery Gears

If you hear your engine revving during a gear change, the gear has slipped. It can mean the gears have eventually worn out. This is a dangerous situation, as the delay or spurt in acceleration feels like a loss of traction. You best not drive with slipping gears & call-in roadside assistance to the nearest mechanic.

4. Burnt Oil Smell

That is your transmission fluid burning from engine exertion or age. DCTs can experience this issue sooner than the 80,000-mile ark because they are high-performance transmissions. It needs a thorough service.

5. Noisy Idling

Clunking, winning, or ill-timed revving sounds can indicate many problems in your car apart from just a faulty transmission, but worst-case scenario, you will need a costly replacement.

6. Worn Clutch

It happens when, due to a mechanical failure, the clutch disk can’t fully disengage from the flywheel when you press the clutch pedal. That causes the gears to clash during a gear shift. It is one of the cheaper repairs, so all is well.

7. Fluid Leaks

If you notice red fluid drops beneath your car, that means your transmission fluid is leaking out. It would help if you had a mechanic check your ride for leaks.

8. No Response

If your car fails to move after you have engaged the drive, well, what can we easy? The transmission is totally kaput, and rather than pooling in your hard-earned money to overhaul the whole transmission, you would be wiser in getting a different car.

Want Our Advice?

The Key Online, serving Lawton, OK, is not just any used car dealership. We specialize in getting people back on track with a swift ride when life has dealt them a tough blow. We uphold every American right to bear cars and offer our Buy Here, Pay Here service at zero credit loans to our express clientele. And we even make deliveries!

With a car that much damaged in terms of a transmission, you take risks, both financially & operational, when you have your transmission rebuilt, salvaged, or repaired. Get in touch with us today, and let us counsel you to a much better, new buy!


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