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The KEY Buy Here Pay Here Oklahoma City Dealership

Are you looking for a car in Oklahoma City but you have less-than-perfect credit? Come to The KEY in Oklahoma City! We’re the region’s number one buy here pay here car dealership, and we can help you get in a quality used car today.

A Buy Here Pay Here Dealer You can Trust

The KEY isn’t your typical buy here pay here car dealership. Sure, we sell used cars – but these aren’t broken-down beaters. Our buy here pay here inventory is made up of high-quality used cars purchased from major companies like Hertz and Enterprise. These cars are late models with clean maintenance records and the latest extras. The KEY is the only buy here pay here car dealership in Oklahoma where you’ll find such a wide selection of high-quality used cars.

What else sets our buy here pay here dealership apart? How about our 4 Year/40K Miles Power Train Warranty program on select vehicles? At our buy here pay here dealership, you have the option of choosing a vehicle that has our 4 Year/40K Miles Power Train Warranty, which covers your new car for as long as you own it! No other buy here pay here dealer offers a program like this. When you purchase a car from The KEY, you’re getting a vehicle you can trust.

Other Programs at our Oklahoma City Buy Here Pay Here Dealership

In addition to our excellent selection of buy here pay here cars, we have several other programs for you to take advantage of. These include:

Cash for Referrals: Anytime you refer someone to our buy here pay here dealership and they buy a car, we’ll give you $200 extra! Refer enough people and you might never have a car payment!

The FREE RIMS Program – When you refer a friend, relative, or anyone else to our buy here pay here dealership within 30 days of buying your car, and your referral also buys from us, we’ll put awesome new rims on your car for FREE!

Limo Pickups – Once you’re approved to buy at our buy here pay here dealership, we’ll send a limousine to pick you up! Our limo runs anywhere inside the Oklahoma City metro, so go take our 2-minute pre-approval quiz and get your awesome ride today!

Free Credit and Life Counseling: We do more than just sell cars at The KEY. Our buy here pay here dealership also has free credit counseling and life counseling services, so you can get advice and solutions for some of life’s biggest problems.

What is Buy Here Pay Here?

You might be curious about how The KEY can offer such great cars and so many special programs as a buy here pay here car dealer. But the answer is all over: we’re not a typical dealership. As a buy here pay here dealer, The KEY is able to offer cars and programs to a much wider customer base than a traditional dealer.

Most car dealers work with banks or credit unions to finance a car. When you buy it, you take a loan from your bank to pay for the balance. But at The KEY, we don’t work with banks or credit unions. Since we’re a buy here pay here dealer, you make your payments directly to us – never to a bank.

As a result, the decision of who to give credit to is completely up to us. Since we know how tough life can be sometimes, we’re much more forgiving of bad credit or other financial problems. Our buy here pay here dealership works hard to bring excellent service and products to you, our customer. When you come to The KEY, our buy here pay here car experts will sit down with you and determine what cars you’re approved for. Then, you just pick one out and drive it home. It really is that easy.

What You Will and Won’t Find at Our Buy Here Pay Here Dealership

When you visit The KEY, you’ll see just how fun and simple buying a used car can be. Our buy here pay here dealership isn’t like any other car dealer you’ve ever been to. What makes our buy here pay here car dealership so different?

Here are just a few of the things:

No Pushy Salespeople: At The KEY, you won’t have a slick-talking salesman trying to shove you into a lemon. Our buy here pay here salespeople are trained to be easygoing and helpful. We want your experience to be relaxed and your car to be the one you love.

No Stressful Negotiating: Our buy here pay here car lot works on a simple premise. You get approved first, and then you pick the car that fits your budget. That way you know what you’re able to get from the start. This simple change makes the whole buy here pay here experience less stressful and more fun.

No Lemons: We make sure every car sold at our buy here pay here lot is going to last. After all, our goal is to get you in a car that will help you make your life easier and better. How can we do that if the car doesn’t work?

No Long Waits: At a traditional dealership, the process of buying and financing a car takes hours. In contrast, buying a car at our buy here pay here lot is simple. Just take our two-minute approval quiz online or at the store. Then finish your approval over the phone or in person, pick out your car, and drive away!

Happy, Smiling Customers: The best mark of any car dealer is how happy people are when they leave. At our buy here pay here dealership, we make sure you drive away smiling each time you visit.

Who Shops at a Buy Here Pay Here Dealership?

At The KEY, our buy here pay here car lot gets customers from all walks of life looking for cars to suit their particular needs. That’s why our buy here pay here dealership stocks such a wide variety of cars. We want to make sure you can find what you’re looking for.

Our buy here pay here car dealership takes all customers, including:

Bad Credit & No Credit – If you have poor credit due to credit card problems, late bills, defaulted loans, or any other reason, that shouldn’t keep you from getting a car. Sometimes having a high-quality vehicle is all you need to get everything back in order. Visit our buy here pay here dealership and we’ll help you find a vehicle to get back on track.

Bankruptcy – If you’ve resolved your bankruptcy but still can’t afford a car from a traditional dealer, come to our buy here pay here dealership. We’ll get you set up in a gorgeous late-model used car, and we won’t pass judgement on your finances.

Short or No Job Time – You need a car to get to work, but you need a job to pay for the car. It’s an age-old problem, and now there’s an answer: The KEY’s buy here pay here car lot. Pick out the car you like and simplify your commute.

Divorce – We understand how draining a divorce can be. If you lost your car in the settlement or want a new one without tons of memories attached, come to The KEY. We’ll help you find the perfect car to get through your divorce without a ton of hassle.

What Cars Will I Find at The KEY’s Buy Here Pay Here Lot?

Our buy here pay here dealership has a huge variety of makes and models to suit every buyer’s needs and tastes. Whether you want a classy cruiser, a sporty muscle car, or a rough-and-ready pickup, we’ve got the buy here pay here car you want, regardless of your credit score. See some of our Buy Here Pay here Models:

Buy Here Pay Here Hondas
Buy Here Pay Here Fords
Buy Here Pay Here Toyotas
Buy Here Pay Here Nissans
Buy Here Pay Here Dodges
Buy Here Pay Here Chevrolets
Buy Here Pay Here Chryslers
Buy Here Pay Here Volkswagens
Buy Here Pay Here Jeeps
Buy Here Pay Here Mazdas
Buy Here Pay Here Kias
Buy Here Pay Here Mitsubishis
Buy Here Pay Here Hyundais

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