October 31, 2017

Want a Quality Used Car in OKC? Come to The KEY!

Here at The KEY, we don’t sell the same kinds of used cars as other used car dealerships in Oklahoma City. Sure, many of them are the same brands and models that you’ll find at other dealerships, but the difference between our cars and theirs is simple: quality. We work hard to ensure that every car we sell is high-quality, and we stand behind every car we sell.

We buy cars almost exclusively from rental agencies like Hertz and Enterprise. That means that these cars are well-maintained and regularly serviced – they’ve gotten all their oil changes and tire rotations on time, the body and interior was cleaned regularly, and any worn or broken parts were changed out for functional ones. After all, if a rental company had a dirty or broken vehicle in their fleet, they wouldn’t be able to rent it out. That makes every one of our cars a great car.

Plus, whenever you buy a car at The KEY, you also get a free AutoCheck vehicle history report, so you know the exact history of the car you’re buying. AutoCheck is the same vehicle history system used by Edmunds, Kelly Blue Book, AutoTrader.com, Ebay Motors, and more, meaning you can trust it to get your car’s history right.

If that’s not enough, whenever you buy a car priced at more than $16,999, we at The KEY will also give your vehicle a 10 year Warranty to cover any future mechanical problems you might experience. In other words, we’re so confident in the quality of our cars that we provide you with a better warranty than many of the manufacturers give to their new vehicles. Think about that for a second.

We do things differently at The KEY. We don’t pressure you into buying a car you don’t want, and we don’t think of you as just another sales figure. We know what it’s like to have your finances on your mind all the time, and what it’s like to have a car you can’t depend on (or no car at all). That’s why we do our best to provide quality automobiles to the people that really need them, without judgement.

If you’d like to learn more about The KEY’s vehicles, take a look at our online inventory and see what we have available. Or, stop by our store in south Oklahoma City and talk to one of our used car experts. We’re looking forward to seeing you.