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Need a Car Today? The KEY Can Help!

Need a Car Today? The KEY Can Help! Lots of things can happen that can cause you to lose your car. Bankruptcy, car accidents, or divorce can all wipe out your finances and leave you unable to purchase a new vehicle. But you can solve at least some of these woes by coming to The … Continued

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Used Car Dealerships in Oklahoma

Have you visited all the used car dealerships in Oklahoma? In a way, we hope you have, because you’d really appreciate The KEY difference even more.  But then, we hope you never have to visit all of them, because, frankly, there are some really awful dealerships out there with some really unpleasant employees that we … Continued

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Seven Tips to Make Your Used Car Last Longer

In the old days, a car owner was lucky if he or she could keep a car on the road for 100,000 miles. Today the situation is different. More advanced manufacturing, fluids, and parts keep cars on the road longer than ever before. That means it’s easier to find a quality used car and make … Continued

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Car Dealerships in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Been to all the car dealerships in Oklahoma City, OK? There are thousands of used cars in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. No, make that millions. Because any car in use is a “used car”. Your car is a “used car.” But when you suddenly realize you need a new “used car”, where should you look? We … Continued

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The Key Online

When surfing the web looking for deals on pre-owned cars, credit and financing, be sure to check out the key online. That’s The KEY is a very different kind of car dealership, which should be experienced in-person, live, with your eyes, and ears. But, sometimes it’s late at night, or you can’t get away … Continued

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The KEY: A Better Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealership

The KEY: A Better Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealership There are plenty of good reasons to buy a used car at The Key. We have a fantastic warranty program, we offer flexible financing plans, and we have a wide selection of vehicles from almost every major manufacturer. And soon our selection will grow even … Continued

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Auto Loan for Bad Credit

Bad Credit Auto Loan in Oklahoma City Looking for bad credit dealerships in Oklahoma? We’re The KEY (a buy here pay here okc dealer) and we can help you. Well, the first thing we want you to know is we don’t judge you, or try to take advantage of you just because no one before us … Continued