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Used Car in OKC

Want a Quality Used Car in OKC? Come to The KEY!

Here at The KEY, we don’t sell the same kinds of used cars as other used car dealerships in Oklahoma City. Sure, many of them are the same brands and models that you’ll find at other dealerships, but the difference between our cars and theirs is simple: quality. We work hard to ensure that every … Continued

car maintenance

Essential Used Car Maintenance Tasks You’re Probably Neglecting

Owning a used car in Oklahoma City means freedom and opportunity for many people. However, that freedom also comes with responsibility. It’s important to take good care of your car and check or replace parts that are wearing out. Doing so can extend the lifespan of your car by hundreds of thousands of miles; at … Continued

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Common Dashboard Warning Lights and Symbols Deciphered

It’s happened to everyone: you’re driving down the road or starting your car, and a warning light comes on. Unfortunately it’s a symbol you’ve never seen before. Should you pull over? Drive to the service station? Or just leave it alone? To help you stay safe and take care of your car, our Oklahoma City … Continued

Used Car in OKC

Discover Your Perfect Car: Online OKC Used Car Inventory

Shopping for a used car in Oklahoma City can be tough – there are dozens of dealerships and used car lots in the city, each one with their own inventory of new and used cars to browse through. However, only one used car dealer offers incredible, high-quality used cars at great prices even when you … Continued

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Used Car Dealerships Oklahoma

There are thousands of used cars in Oklahoma. Because any car is a “used car”. Your car is a “used car.” But when you suddenly realize you need a new “used car”, where should you look? We recommend looking at The KEY. Because at The KEY, our pre-owned cars are better than anyone else’s. Why? … Continued

The Key Blog

Car Dealerships in Oklahoma

We have a few words for people looking for car dealerships in Oklahoma. Okay, a few hundred words-but we’ll make it good reading. First, look for a big, bright, round, black and white sign that reads: The KEY. That sign means you’ve arrived at a very different place. You’ve arrived at a place where you’ll … Continued

Used Car in OKC

Choosing the Right Used Car: Two-Wheel Drive or Four-Wheel Drive?

Let The KEY help you choose the Right Used Car If you’re looking to buy a used car, one of the toughest choices you’ll have to make is whether you want a car with two-wheel, four-wheel, or all-wheel drive. The kind of drive a car uses can affect how it performs in many ways, like … Continued