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We Built This Company For You: The Key

We built our company for you. You told us that you don’t want typical, pushy “used-car-salesman”.  We agree.  You won’t find any of our customer service representatives pushing you into a car you don’t want or don’t need.  In fact, we work with you to make sure your selection best fits your budget and lifestyle.  … Continued

car safety

How to Avoid Flood-Damaged Cars in Oklahoma

Along with the huge damages to property and lives across the region, the spring flooding in Oklahoma and Texas also lead to other problems. An article on Jalopnik pointed to one of the biggest – as many as 10,000 flood-damaged cars from Texas alone could be resold out of state to unsuspecting buyers.

Buy Here Pay Here Dealership

The KEY is Expanding its Buy Here, Pay Here Car Lot!

One of the best things about our Oklahoma City buy here, pay here car dealership is the great selection of vehicles we offer to our customers. We understand people have different needs (and different wants!) so we stock our lot with the cars and trucks our customers desire. And now we’ll be able to offer … Continued

car maintenance

What To Do if Your Oklahoma Used Car Overheats

Summer is just around the corner here in Oklahoma, and that means it’s about to get hot. One of the biggest dangers that Oklahoma’s climate poses to drivers it the chance that your car could overheat while you’re on the road. To minimize the chances of your Oklahoma City used car overheating and leaving you … Continued

Buy Here Pay Here Dealership

How to Buy a Car in Oklahoma After a Bankruptcy

What do you do when your finances have fallen on hard times but you still need a car to take care of yourself or get back on your feet? Bankruptcy can be a big obstacle in life, but it’s not insurmountable. By being careful and taking your time, you can get your finances in order … Continued

Oklahoma City

How to Buy a Used Pickup Truck in Oklahoma City

Buying a used pickup truck in Oklahoma City is a little different from buying other kinds of used cars. Along with the huge variety of trucks on the market, there are also lots of reasons you might need a truck. Some people use them for daily drivers, but others need the versatility that a pickup … Continued

The Key Blog

Oklahoma City Car Dealerships

Let’s talk about the car dealerships in Oklahoma City. There are quite a few. New cars, used cars, places you can get loans and the car in the same place. But watch out for those last kinds. unless it has a bright black and white circle that says “The KEY”  on the building. Ours does. … Continued