October 31, 2017

We Built This Company For You: The Key

You told us that you don’t want typical, pushy “used-car-salesman”. We agree. You won’t find any of our customer service representatives pushing you into a car you don’t want or don’t need. In fact, we work with you to make sure your selection best fits your budget and lifestyle. There’s nothing better than seeing our happy customers drive off in their new car. We love what we do.

You told us that buying a car shouldn’t take all day! You’re busy with work, kids and life. Buying a car shouldn’t cause you to be gone from work or take and entire weekend. We agree. We have minimized our pre-approval process to 39 seconds flat! And, if you bring in just 4 documents, we can get your entire approval done in under 15 minutes. The rest of your time with us will be test driving. But, we have to warn you that we are a lot of fun. You might not want to leave the friendly people at The Key.

You told us that buying a used or pre-owned vehicle from a dealer or an individual is an unsettling experience because you never know the history of the vehicle. We agree. That’s why we offer a 10 year Warranty on every vehicle over $16,000. Not only do we purchase many of our cars, trucks, vans and SUVs from places like Hertz and Enterprise, we know they have been well cared for and expertly maintained. We also offer you a free AutoCheck report so you can see the history of your vehicle. We combined all those things together to give you the peace of mind you need when purchasing your new car.

You told us that you want to be treated like a VIP. Other financing companies, banks and dealerships have given you sub-par services because of your credit challenges and don’t understand what’s going on in your life. We agree. There’s no judgment at The Key, only understanding. Our friendly staff is here to assist you in every way. You are more than just another customer to us – you’re a VIP. The Key is dedicated to getting you into a quality vehicle that meets your lifestyle. We also offer free programs that have helped thousands of satisfied customers with things like credit counseling, debt elimination, career placement, life coaching and more. No other car dealership does that. No one.

If you have credit challenges like bad credit, no credit, divorce, or other setbacks but you need a vehicle, contact The Key right now! We built our business for you!


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