October 31, 2017

Used Car Dealerships in Oklahoma

Have you visited all the used car dealerships in Oklahoma?

In a way, we hope you have, because you’d really appreciate The KEY difference even more. But then, we hope you never have to visit all of them, because, frankly, there are some really awful dealerships out there with some really unpleasant employees that we hope you never have to meet.

At The KEY, we worked hard to create a car dealership that did things differently, much better than any other place you could ever visit.

It all starts with us providing the best selection of the very best pre-owned cars in Oklahoma City. Then, unlike all the other ordinary car dealers in Oklahoma, you get a loan that’s generous, compassionate and believe it or not, actually will help your life less-stressful. Because we won’t let you have a car you can’t afford. In fact, we want you in a loan that will actually help improve your credit score.

Then, we offer you a 10 year limited warranty on every vehicle priced over $16,000. No more worries. And way better than the “drive train” limited warranties other dealers, new or used give or sell to you. Only The KEY offers this.

At The KEY, we realize you have so many choices and that there are so many car dealerships in Oklahoma. But we have something special waiting for you when you come visit us. Starting with a smile, handshake, hug and a comfy massage chair and a healthy snack and beverage. But maybe you need to talk to a friend. If so, we have free life and career coaching. Need inspiration? We have a multi-media library of books, magazines and videos to brighten you and your family’s world.


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