June 15, 2022

Steps To Prevent Foggy Car Windshields In All Seasons

Steps To Prevent Foggy Car Windshields In All Seasons


As a car owner, you’ve probably experienced this problem: you’re parked, and the temperature rises, causing your windows to fog up on the inside. This can be inconvenient and even dangerous as visibility levels drop.


So, how do you adjust fog levels indoors, and what to do in such a situation? This blog reveals secrets not many people know.


What Causes Car Windows to Fog Up? – The Science

When water vapor indoors meets the cold surface, it condenses and creates tiny droplets of water or fog. The same condensation principles apply to your car windows. When the warm, humid air inside your car hits the colder glass, it can cause condensation and foggy windows.


Likewise, when warm summer air hits your AC-cooled car windshield, condensation can occur – causing fog.


What Causes Excess Moisture in the Car? –

Few things contribute to your car’s excess moisture, which can lead to foggy windows. Here are a few possible causes:


  • Leaving your car windows open, even just a crack
  • Driving with wet clothes or gear
  • Using air conditioning without the recirculate option
  • Not using a windshield sunshade
  • Parking in humid or shady areas


Ways to Prevent Car Windows from Fogging Up

By taking some simple precautions, you can keep the moisture levels down and maintain clear visibility while driving.


Here are a few tips for preventing foggy car windows.


1. Clean Dusty Windows –

A good cleaning will help remove any dust or debris that can create a film on your windows, making it harder for water to bead up and evaporate. You can use a window cleaner, vinegar, soap, and water. Just be sure to clean the edges.


2. Open the windows –

When you first get in your car, open all the windows for a minute or two to help ventilate the interior and eliminate any excess moisture.


3. Turn on the fan –

Use the defroster setting on your car’s fan to help circulate air and keep your windows clear.


4. Apply anti-fogging coating –

Many auto dealerships offer anti-fogging coating indoors. You can also purchase a commercial spray and use it during long drives.


5. Keep a dehumidifier in your car –

A dehumidifier is helpful if you reside in humid climates or park in an enclosed space like a garage. A dehumidifier will help remove moisture from the air, preventing fog from forming on your windows.


6. Use a dryer sheet –

Rubbing a dryer sheet over the inside of your windshield will help prevent moisture from condensing and causing fog. Placing the dryer sheet inside your car’s cupholder also helps absorb moisture.


So, there you have it. Methods to keep your car windows from fogging up when parked. If all of these seem like too much work or you can’t be bothered, we suggest getting pre-approved for a new car with The Key Online – Tulsa, serving Tulsa, OK, today. We simplify the car buying process so you can focus on what’s important – driving off in your dream car.


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