February 17, 2022

Replace Or Repair – When Is A Transmission Worth Saving?

Replace Or Repair - When Is A Transmission Worth Saving?

Car transmission repair costs usually depend on the type of transmission, the extent of the damage, and what you may be willing to spend. Bear in mind they can be pricey, so you have to balance the car’s utility, the car’s market value, & then your disposable finances.

The Key Online – OKC understands your credit troubles and turbulent personal situations and offers smart consul on the utility of a car. So, we’re going to break down the feasibility of a transmission replacement Vs. ‘ditch it, buy here, pay here!’

What Factors to Consider?

Transmission Mileage

The car’s overall mileage is a great indicator of what parts need repair, servicing, or replacement. If your transmission is full-auto with 80,000 to 150,000 miles logged on the odometer, it’s about to fail. If your car is manual or dual-clutch, the transmission can fail sooner than an automatic or automated manual. Opting for a brand-new transmission is best because spending money on repairs can be costlier and counterproductive over the years.

Service History

If your manual or automatic transmission has a long history of regular repairs, there may be a chronic issue. If multiple issues have arisen with your transmission within a year, you will do well to sell the car for a new one or invest in a brand-new transmission.

Vehicle Condition

It would help if you considered the overall condition of the vehicle & weighed your options before considering transmission replacement, rebuilding, or a new car. If your vehicle is ancient with over 150,000 miles logged, it may be time to invest in a new car because getting a new transmission for a legacy car drivetrain might cause compatibility issues. But if the car is mint & of historical value with only an old transmission, upgrade the drivetrain as much as possible.

It’s Too Pricy, So What’s The Verdict?

If you’re considering repairing with salvaged parts, the costs hardly cross a grand at max, but it’s hardly a reliable fix. If you need a better job done, you can entrust your car to the mechanics, but they might charge top dollar for a complete transmission overhaul.

Repairing transmissions is undoubtedly more expensive than transmissions themselves – which is why you should invest in good care & upkeep of the vehicle to curb future repairs and maximize value.

The Key Outcome?

In all honesty, it’s hard work getting a car that only gives you more woe & trouble as it ages, so why keep dumping more money into a doomed transmission? It will fail & it will provide you with no returns in value. The Key Online, serving Oklahoma City, OK, offers you a far more sensible option: change your car. It will make your life less complicated and help you get back on track with your career & life decisions.

If you’re worried about bad credit, we have the financing options for that. We also have a vast online inventory of quality & exotic used cars where you can find your perfect car. We want to keep our clientele’s spirits up, so we have the Buy Here, Pay Here system for you, plus easy pre-qualifying car loans plus warranties!

Ditch that damaged transmission, trust in us, and secure a much better car at our dealership today!


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