July 8, 2022

Public Transport Vs. Private Transport – Money-Saving Secrets

Public Transport Vs. Private Transport - Money-Saving Secrets


Although using public transport is becoming increasingly popular in times of economic uncertainty, there are still many benefits to using a private car. Here we will share some money-saving tips for those who prefer to drive themselves. Read on to find out how you can save on fuel, parking, and vehicle maintenance costs.

1) EVs are Fuel-Efficient

Rising energy prices are a common argument against private cars. However, electric vehicles (EVs) put this debate to rest by offering ground-breaking fuel efficiency. Renewable solar and wind energy drive an EV, translating to significant savings at the gas station. Additionally, you’ll never have to pay for oil changes or tune-ups again!

2) You Have More Scheduling Flexibility

With a private car, you can go as you please without worrying about timetables or service disruptions. This means less stress and more spontaneity in

3) You Can Claim Tax Benefits

Owning an EV entitles you to various tax breaks and incentives, including a federal income tax credit. Many states also offer their programs, so check with your local government.

4) Say Goodbye to Parking Fees

This is a big one for city-dwellers. On-street parking can be challenging to find and expensive when you do. With an EV, you can take advantage of free street parking and charging stations. Some employers even offer discounted or free parking for EVs in company lots.

5) Public Transport is Unsafe

One cost people don’t consider when choosing public transport is the safety risk. Especially for women, taking public transport late at night can be a scary experience. If someone wants to attack you, you’re a sitting duck on a bus or train. You can lock the doors in your car and drive away if you feel threatened.

6) You Can Avoid Traffic Jams

Another cost of public transport is the time wasted sitting in traffic. Buses and trains are often delayed by traffic, which means you could be late for work or an appointment.

7) Avoid Getting Sick

Public transports were the first to shut down during the Covid-19 pandemic. Countless people crammed together in a tight space is a recipe for disaster during a viral disease. Catching a viral illness can set you back on essential tasks and eat into your savings.

8) You Can use a Car Pool

Taking your car to work daily presents you with the unique opportunity of carpooling with your office buddies. You can find people commuting the same distance and cover your travel costs by adding them to your journey.

So, if you’re looking for a way to save money on your transportation costs, private transport is a reasonable choice. But don’t forget that private transport can be cheaper in the long run if you get an excellent pre-approved car purchase loan from The Key Online – Tulsa serving Tulsa, OK. Why not check us out and see how we can help you save?

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