October 31, 2017

Oklahoma City Car Dealerships

Let’s talk about the car dealerships in Oklahoma City.

There are quite a few. New cars, used cars, places you can get loans and the car in the same place. But watch out for those last kinds. unless it has a bright black and white circle that says “The KEY” on the building.

Ours does. We’re The KEY. A very, very, very different kind of car dealership.

We actually invest in you.

Starting from our unbeatable selection of the best, safest, most reliable late-model pre-owned cars and trucks– no other dealership has the selection we do, or the way you choose your car.

No, we’re not like the other car dealerships in Oklahoma City, OK. First, we determine a loan that actually makes your life less stressful, a loan that you can afford and leaves money left over for those things called rent, food, insurance, clothes, gas…you know. Then we show you all the cars that you qualify for and you can pick any one you want.

Next, you find out that car you chose, like every vehicle we sell that is priced over $16,000, comes with a 10 year limited warranty. No other car dealer in Oklahoma City can beat that.

Ready to drive home? Wait- those same KEY employees who smiled, shook your hand and offered a hug (other car dealerships in Oklahoma City feel free to copy us ) can now lead you over to a free massage chair, a healthy snack and beverage. Browse our free inspirational multi-media library, sit and watch, or read or take something home for you and your family.


Seriously, we don’t mind if every other car dealership In Oklahoma City copies us.


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