June 1, 2022

New Automotive Technologies Debuting This 2022

New Automotive Technologies Debuting This 2022

We all look forward to advancement. Whether it’s in our careers, society, or even in the automotive industry, every year, there are new and better cars with more features than the last. And you want to jump on the bandwagon as soon as possible. But what will the emerging automotive technologies be?

Would it be better and more efficient engines? Or would new in-car entertainment systems finally rival our home setups? Here are some of the most innovative new technologies that we think will be in our cars by 2022.

Fully-Autonomous Cars:

Some say we’ll see a fully autonomous car on the market. We’ve seen more and more features that make our vehicles semi-autonomous. Still, a fully autonomous vehicle would be a treat. Features like Traffic Jam Assist and Parking Pilot give us a taste of what’s to come.

You could, theoretically, sleep all the way to the office. That’s straight-up luxury!

Blockchain in Cars:

A blockchain is a digital ledger of sorts that keeps data safe. You may use it to track mileage to store your car’s service history.

We think this technology could impact the automotive industry, and we’re excited to see how it develops. You may be able to buy a car with Bitcoin before too long!

A Holistic Ecosystem:

Amazon Web Services, Alibaba, Google, and other tech giants are all working on their automotive platforms. These companies have the resources to create a comprehensive ecosystem for everything from infotainment to autonomous driving.

Imagine the comfort of being able to start your car from your bed or getting an alert on your phone if you left the lights on.

More Software Updates:

Automakers are also starting to take a page from the smartphone playbook by offering more regular software updates. These updates can add new features and improve performance without buying a new car.

They’ve found a new revenue stream, and they’re going to keep milking it for all it’s worth.

Vegan-Friendly Cars:

We’ve long waited for this one. Sustainable and vegan materials have been adopted in many other industries. Still, the automotive industry has been lagging.

Fortunately, that’s starting to change with more and more automakers offering vegan-friendly options for their cars. You can now expect to see more cars with seats made of recycled materials instead of luxurious leather.

Automotive Cybersecurity:

Hackers constantly find new ways to break into our devices and steal our information.

That’s why it’s more important than ever for automakers to beef up their cybersecurity measures.

We can expect to see more cars with built-in security features that will make it harder for hackers to access our personal information or cause physical damage.

Final Thoughts:

We expect to see a lot of new and exciting automotive technologies in the next few years. These developments will make our cars more efficient, while others will make them more secure. Either way, the automotive industry is continuing to evolve and change.

We can’t wait to experience all else they have in store for us!

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