October 31, 2017

Need a Car Today? The KEY Can Help!

Lots of things can happen that can cause you to lose your car. Bankruptcy, car accidents, or divorce can all wipe out your finances and leave you unable to purchase a new vehicle. But you can solve at least some of these woes by coming to The KEY, Oklahoma City’s number one buy here, pay here car dealership.

Let’s say your car is repossessed or totaled. Where do you turn? You probably weren’t planning on buying a new car anytime soon, so going to a major brand’s dealership is out of the question. Between the high prices of the cars, the difficulty of getting financing, and the need for a big down payment, shopping at a new car dealer can erase your savings.

But when you come to The KEY, you gain different options. Our used cars are the same models as the ones you’ll find at big dealers. Most of them are only a year or two old, and in great shape. We even verify that the cars are worth selling by offering a free AutoCheck report on every vehicle, something other buy here, pay here dealerships may want to avoid.

We can also get you approved and behind the wheel far faster than a regular dealer can. At The KEY, you can get pre-approved for credit in just 39 seconds, from the comfort of your own home. We’ll even come to your house and pick you up after you’ve been fully approved – a significant advantage if you don’t have a car of your own.

Many of our vehicles come with a 10 year limited warranty, keeping you covered in case you experience trouble down the line. Our warranty is just as extensive as many manufacturer warranties, and that’s a deal you won’t find at other used car dealerships. Many of our cars are also available for no money down, meaning you can find a new car without draining your bank account.

We help the people who need cars the most get into quality vehicles. Whether your car was totaled in an accident, you just started a new job, you’re getting divorced, or you just came out of bankruptcy, we can help you find a vehicle to suit your needs and lifestyle. That’s what makes The KEY different.

Take a look at our entire inventory on our website, or come to our buy here, pay here lot in southern Oklahoma City to get pre-approved today! You can also follow us on Facebook to get the latest updates and special deals!


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