January 19, 2022

Dictating The Next Step In The Evolution Of Car Sales – Online Purchases!

Dictating The Next Step In The Evolution Of Car Sales - Online Purchases!

Online car buying is a trend running neck-to-neck with the sale of electric cars, but there are so many little details stirring this big pot of car sales revolution that it’s impossible to miss out on it. With cars grounded during lockdowns, auto giants had a collective epiphany that getting a car online would not only keep auto dealerships in business but make the car buy more eco-friendly.


That detail hit just right with the target groups, and thus 2022 has begun with an age of getting a car with minimal impact on the environment! But wait, you’re wondering where used cars feature in this revolution. The Key – Tulsa has one heck of a surprise awaiting you!

Skyrocketing Online Car Sales

With secure e-commerce platforms being adopted by every reputable dealership, the sales of electric cars are the first to be noticeably brought online. Consumers find the notion of a minimal-carbon footprint car buying process integral to their belief in healing the environment. The widespread popularity of electric cars has added further incentives and dealerships are quick to accommodate. More & more cars are being brought online, and those that are gas-powered are getting their very own eco-accessories to make them efficient too!

More Pre-Owned Selling Than Ever

The post-pandemic economy is still recovering, so it may be a while for consumer buying power to recover in working classes. That, coupled with the record-breaking average on new car prices, has revealed the utility of used cars to online buyers. Used cars come in excellent conditions thanks to improved refurbishing & maintenance technologies, making the buy attractive. It’s also eco-friendly because it bridges the demand gap for new car production, reducing manufacturing emissions significantly!

OEM Sales Direct-To-Consumer

Customarily, OEMs stock their merchandise at dedicated auto shops & dealerships, but that also adds extra costs. While consumers are looking for economical but authentic buys, the excess pricing deters them. But now, OEMs have also shifted to e-stores to make their parts directly available to consumers, and it’s a successful endeavor. Not only are consumers saving up, but their cars get the service they need to run efficiently!

Rising Auto Aftermarket Sales

An astounding trend is gas car owners fitting their cars with fuel-efficient & emission-reducing accessories & parts to reduce vehicle emissions. While it’s a fully-fledged thing in Europe, it’s a breath of fresh air to experience the trend gaining traction in the USA. More car owners are also ordering tools, parts, & accessories online to DIY maintain their cars for minor to interim servicing levels. That has also kicked off a new online media ecosystem of DIY tutorials of car care.


The Key – Tulsa, proudly servicing its Oklahoman namesake city, believes everyone should have a car to meet their needs at friendly financing. Thus, we offer you our reliable used car inventory, with prices to amaze and finance even with bad credit!


We have excellent technicians on our turf to equip your buy with eco-accessories. However, we can also suggest some efficient CVT-transmission models like the 2019 Infiniti QX50 for the busy mum, the 2019 Toyota C-HR Hatchback for the college sophomore with an internship, and the 2020 Nissan Maxima Sedan for the productive businessman!


Contact The Key for more details on securing your online buy with ease!


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