June 22, 2022

Car Windows Fogging Up? 5 Things You Can Do

Car Windows Fogging Up? 5 Things You Can Do

Most of us have been there before, driving on a hot day with the windows rolled up, and all of a sudden – BAM! Our car has turned into a sauna. As our skin starts to perspire and the windows fog up, it’s hard to see anything in front of us.

When purchasing a new or used vehicle, one should always ensure they’re purchasing the vehicle with the latest features like air recirculation, fresh air mode, and more to avoid foggy windshields and windows during travel. The Key Online – Lawton is a dealership where you can get cars of a variety of brands with the latest features.

So, what can you do when your car starts to steam up? Keep reading and discover!

Open The Windows

The first thing you should do when your car windows start to fog up is to open them up. It will help release some of the moist air causing the fogging. You don’t need to roll them down all the way; just a crack is usually enough to allow the air to circulate.

Turn On the Defroster

If opening the windows isn’t doing the trick, you can try turning on the defroster. The defroster’s heat will help dry out the air inside your car and stop the fogging. Keep an eye on the temperature outside, so you don’t overheat your vehicle.

Use an Anti-Fog Solution

There are unique anti-fog solutions that you can use on your car windows to help prevent fogging. You can find these solutions at most auto stores. Just follow the instructions on the packaging so that you don’t damage your car windows.

Park in the Sun

You can try parking your vehicle in the sun for a bit if it’s a sunny day. The sun’s heat will help dry out the air inside of your vehicle and stop the fogging. Just be sure not to leave your vehicle in the sun for too long as it could overheat.

Turn On The AC

You can try running your car’s air conditioning if all else fails. The AC will help circulate the air inside your vehicle and prevent fogging. Just be sure not to keep it on too high as it could worsen the problem.

Hopefully, one of these methods will help you stop your car windows from fogging up. Be sure to try all of them to find the best solution for your problem. Foggy windows and windshields are serious problems that can even lead to serious accidents. It is advisable to always thoroughly check your car before purchasing it from a dealership.

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