October 31, 2017

Car Dealerships in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Been to all the car dealerships in Oklahoma City, OK?

There are thousands of used cars in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

No, make that millions.

Because any car in use is a “used car”. Your car is a “used car.”

But when you suddenly realize you need a new “used car”, where should you look?

We recommend looking at The KEY.

Because at The KEY, our pre-owned cars are better than anyone else’s. Why? Because we have the widest selection of any of the car dealerships in Oklahoma City, OK, so you can easily find the perfect vehicle for you. We also inspect our cars better than other dealers do, so you will have a clean, reliable, safe car you’ll be proud to own.

Oh, our cars are better than most used cars in Oklahoma for another reason. Every vehicle priced over $16,000 from The KEY comes with a 10 year limited warranty, so you have less to worry about in your busy life.

Our used vehicles are better than other used vehicles in Oklahoma for even more reasons. When you buy a car from The KEY, you’ll get a most generous, compassionate loan. A loan designed to be affordable to you, a loan that helps make your life easier with less stress. A loan that will help raise your credit score in less time than you might guess.

Our vehicles also come with more support, love and help than other of the cars dealerships in Oklahoma City, OK do. More than any car dealer ever imagined. You see, life can be really hard when money problems, life problems, job problems get you down. So The KEY offers free Life Services, with life and career coaching, an inspirational, multi-media library, healthy snacks and beverages, comfy massage chairs, educational and career assistance and much more.

There are thousands of cars at car dealerships in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

But only one place like The KEY.


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