July 14, 2022

Automatic Transmission: Deciphering The Gear Shift Symbols!

Automatic Transmission: Deciphering The Gear Shift Symbols!

Automatic gearboxes are a source of confusion for anyone driving manual gear cars their whole life. You need to understand how automatic transmissions work and how they differ from standard manual transmissions. You also need to understand your car’s gear shifter and what those symbols on your shifter mean.

Today The Key Online – Lawton will explain the basic use and operation of the automatic gear shifter so you can get started on the right foot with your new car. Keep reading to learn more!

Automatic Transmission Basics

Automatic transmission – a type of gearbox that uses a complex system of gears, clutches, and fluid couplings to change the speed and torque of a vehicle’s engine.

The car’s engine is connected to the transmission that changes gears automatically as the car moves, which frees the driver to focus on other tasks. It’s most often found in cars and SUVs.

Letters & Numbers on Automatic GearBox

Let’s explore what different letters on the automatic gearbox mean!

· P: Park

Park is the setting you use when you’re parked and don’t plan on moving any time soon. In this position, your car’s transmission is locked into place, so it can’t move.

· R: Reverse

Reverse is the gear you use when you need to back up. You may need to put your car in this gear when you’re taking your car out of the parking lot.

· N: Neutral

Neutral is a safe position to be in if you need to stop your car for any reason and don’t want it to move. Your car won’t roll backward or forward when it’s in neutral, but it can still roll if it’s on a hill. So make sure to use your emergency brakes!

· D: Drive

Drive is the gear you use when you want to go forward. Your car will move forward when you have the transmission in this gear, and it will automatically shift gears when you speed up the car.

· L: Low Gear

Low gear is a setting you can use when going downhill or towing a heavy load. Using ‘low’ gear can help control your speed and prevent your car from overheating.

The letters and numbers in your car’s transmission tell you a lot about what the car is doing. By understanding what each symbol means, you can better understand how your car works and how to keep it running smoothly.

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