May 11, 2022

A Beginner’s Guide On What To Do If Your Car Is Overheating

A Beginner’s Guide On What To Do If Your Car Is Overheating

Summer is in top swing, and with the warm weather comes car trouble. Among the most common problems drivers face during the summertime is an overheating car. If your vehicle starts to overheat, don’t panic! There’re a few things you can do to try and cool it down before taking it to a mechanic.

In this beginner’s guide, The Key Online – Tulsa will walk you through what to do if your car is overheating to stay safe on the road.

Car Overheating: How it Happens?

For car owners, who don’t know much about cars, a few factors can cause your vehicle to overheat.

One of the most well-known reasons for overheating is a clogged radiator or cooling system. When debris gets trapped inside the radiator, it prevents coolant from flowing correctly and causing the engine temperature to spike.

Another common cause of overheating is when you run out of coolant or antifreeze. This happens because, without enough coolant, your car’s internal heat management systems can’t function effectively, and your engine temperature will continue to rise.

If you notice your car is acting sluggish or making strange noises while driving, these could be other signs that your engine is getting too hot. If you suspect any mechanical issues, it’s best to get your car checked out by a professional mechanic to identify the cause and resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

What Should I Do?

So, what should you do if your ride starts overheating? First, make sure that your engine is actually overheating and not just running hot due to other issues. To do this, watch your temperature gauge or instrument cluster for an indicator light. If it’s flashing or at the high end of the normal range, then your engine is overheating, and you need to act quickly.

If you’re able to safely pull over before things get too serious, there are a few measures that you can follow to try and bring down the temperature:

  1. Turn off any unnecessary electronics in your cars, such as the air conditioning or stereo. This will help lower the workload on your engine, which in turn can help bring down the temperature more quickly.
  2. Open the hood and check that there aren’t any leaks from hoses, wires, or other parts of your engine. If you see anything leaking, make sure to address it before turning off your car, as this may cause further damage.
  3. Twist open your radiator cap to release pressure from within the cooling system; this can also speed up the process of bringing down the temperature of your engine.
  4. Once things have cooled down a bit, top off any fluids that are low – Including coolant and oil – with fresh fluid from an approved container (never top off fluids with a bottle or any other container that is not approved by your car manufacturer).
  5. If you can, take your car to a mechanic so they can properly diagnose the problem and recommend appropriate repair action.

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