July 5, 2022

8 Reasons To Favor A Private Car Over Public Transport

8 Reasons To Favor A Private Car Over Public Transport

Public transportation is a great way to save money and help the environment, but sometimes it just doesn’t cut it. If you’re looking for more convenience, reliability, or privacy, you should consider owning your vehicle.

Experts at The Key Online – OKC will share the eight reasons personal transportation is a better option for most people.

Reason 01: Protection From Pathogens

Everyone now fears using any public transportation since the pandemic outbreak. The virus’s unidentified characteristics have caused widespread mayhem. Even while lockdowns and SOPs are no longer followed, it is still extremely dangerous to use public transportation since you run a higher chance of catching the virus. This is one of the main justifications for choosing a private vehicle as your top expenditure in 2022.

Reason 02: Unrestricted Mobility

You are free to travel whenever and wherever you like. Need to make a quick detour? No problem! With public transport, you’re pretty much stuck on the bus or train route. But when driving yourself, you can take any route you want – even if it’s not the most direct one.

Reason 03: Punctuality

The likelihood is that driving a personal car will get you to your destination faster than riding the bus or train unless you reside in a large city with an extensive public transportation system.

Reason 04: Personal Space

You’re under no obligation to share with others. Although sharing tight spaces with others is a question of personal taste, some people don’t enjoy the concept. If you like your personal space, then a personal car is a better option for you.

Reason 05: Convenience

You can avoid weather conditions such as waiting for the bus in snow or rain. Sharing spaces during summer on a train or other public transport can be a bad experience, so having a personal car is the better option.

Reason 06: Cargo Space

You can bring whatever you want with you. Have a lot of shopping to do? No problem! Need to bring a bike with you? No problem! When you’re driving yourself, there’s no need to worry about whether or not your belongings will fit on the bus or train with you.

Reason 07: Spatial Awareness

Your safety is in the hands of other drivers if you use public transportation or rely on others. Control over the driving seat is one of the advantages of owning a personal vehicle. You have greater influence over how your drive will turn out when you are in the driver’s seat.

If you drive carefully, you can be safe no matter what other drivers do.

Reason 08: Immediate Transport in Emergency

When an emergency arises, having a car may be quite helpful. Late at night, there can be a medical issue that requires immediate treatment. You can always save time by rushing the patient rather than waiting for the ambulance. Taking the initiative can save a life when a situation calls for immediate medical attention. This justification should persuade you to start looking for a car if you don’t already have one.

So there you have it! These are just a few reasons why ditching public transport for a personal vehicle is a good idea. Hopefully, this has helped you decide if you’ve been debating whether or not to get a car. And if you feel a new car is out of your reach & the pre-owneds at your typical dealership are too droll, you can always share your worry with us!

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