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I admit I was a little bit skeptical on purchasing a vehicle from an online service, but after a little investigating and a friend also asking questions, I was sold. Jennifer C. was an awesome salesperson and a jewel to work with. She jumped hoops and hurdles to get my vehicle delivered to Texas and when I needed it. Thank you Jennifer, and I would definitely refer all my friends and family to The Key, all staff and finance personnel were wonderful.
Cecil O.

Dallas, Texas

How To Buy a Car if You Had a Bankruptcy or Going Through a Bankruptcy

By: S. Murray, The KEY Online

What do you do when your finances have fallen on hard times but you still need a car to take care of yourself or get back on your feet? Bankruptcy can be a big obstacle in life, but it’s not insurmountable. By being careful and taking your time, you can get your finances in order and buy a car in Oklahoma City even if you recently declared bankruptcy.

In general, someone only files for bankruptcy when they have more debt than they are able to pay. Even though a bankruptcy can help protect you from creditors and give you breathing room to recover from overwhelming debt, it’s not a silver bullet. Bankruptcy has huge effects on your credit – obviously creditors won’t be too eager to loan you money after you file for bankruptcy. There are two common types of individual bankruptcy in the United States: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Chapter 7 bankruptcy requires you to sell off possessions owned by creditors in exchange for your debt, but it also cancels the debt that the liquidation doesn’t cover. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy stays on your record for a long time, and you can only file for it if you meet certain conditions. Chapter 13 bankruptcies are a bit more complicated, but in some ways safer for the person filing. Under a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you don’t lose ownership of your assets, but you will have to develop a payment plan to repay most of the debt that you owe. Chapter 13 bankruptcies can only be used up to a certain debt ceiling and only for individuals that have a certain amount of income. In general, Chapter 7 bankruptcies are far more commonplace. However, either type of bankruptcy is tough to recover from. If you need a car to get your finances back on track, a bankruptcy will probably make it much harder to get a bank loan. Buying a Car After a Bankruptcy So what can you do to get a car after you file for bankruptcy? Most of the time you’ll have a few options:

Pay Cash – One of the best ways to get a car after filing for bankruptcy is to skip financing entirely. By paying cash for your car you avoid the need to finance it or get lenders involved, and you won’t have to worry about making any payments over time either. The only downside to this option is that it’s often hard to get a lump sum of cash together to buy a car, especially if you’re looking at models that cost more than a few thousand dollars.

Shop Around for Loans – Even if you get rejected for financing from one bank, that doesn’t mean every bank will reject you. Depending on your credit, how long its been since your bankruptcy, and other factors like your income, you might have a chance of getting a loan from a traditional lender. You can also try to approach a local credit union for a loan. Many credit unions have easier terms and are more willing to help people out with loans they need than major banks.

Rebuild Your Credit – In some cases, the best option for getting a car is actually to wait it out and rebuild your credit before you shop. Taking some time to rebuild your payment history can show creditors that you aren’t a risky investment and earn you better interest rates and repayment terms than if you’d tried to get a loan earlier. If you have a car that works and don’t need another one right away, this might be your best option.

Visit a Special Financing Dealer – A final option that works for many people looking for used cars after a bankruptcy is to visit a special financing car dealership. These dealers offer financing through their own finance departments rather than working with banks or other lenders, which allows them to offer loans to customers that a bank might not work with. Special financing options can be a great resource for buyers with bad credit who need a car right away.

If you recently declared bankruptcy in Oklahoma City and need a new car to enable your recovery, come to The KEY today. We offer special financing options to buyers with bad or no credit, including buyers who recently declared or emerged from bankruptcy. We can get you approved for a car loan in just a few minutes, and we also offer free vehicle history reports and free 10 Year Limited Warranty on every car we sell! APPLY ONLINE today!

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  • Image
    2021 Toyota Tundra 4wd
    Body Style "CrewMax 5.5u0027 Bed 5.7L (Natl)"
    Color BLACK
    Mileage 1,021
    # of Doors Crew Pickup
    Engine 5.7L V8 DOHC 32V w/i-Force
    Transmission Electronic 6-Speed Automatic -inc: intelligence (ECT-i), sequential shift mode, uphill/downhill shift logic and TOW/HAUL mode
    Fuel Type Gasoline Fuel
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  • Image
    2020 Chevrolet Tahoe
    Body Style "4WD 4dr LT"
    Color BLACK
    Mileage 13,697
    # of Doors Utility
    Engine V8, 5.3L; FFV; VVT
    Transmission ---
    Fuel Type Gasoline Fuel
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  • Image
    2019 Infiniti Qx80
    Body Style LUXE RWD
    Color BLACK
    Mileage 9,526
    # of Doors Wagon 4 Door
    Engine 5.6L V8 w/VVEL & DIG
    Transmission 7-Speed Automatic -inc: Adaptive Shift Control (ASC), manual shift mode w/Downshift Rev-Matching, snow and tow modes and Hill Start Assist
    Fuel Type Gasoline Fuel
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  • Image
    2020 Toyota Tundra 4wd
    Body Style CrewMax 5.5u0027 Bed 5.7L (Natl)
    Color WHITE
    Mileage 8,743
    # of Doors Crew Pickup
    Engine 5.7L V8 DOHC 32V w/i-Force -inc: acoustic control induction system (ACIS), dual independent variable valve timing w/intelligence and 4-2-1 tubular stainless steel exhaust manifold
    Transmission Electronic 6-Speed Automatic -inc: intelligence (ECT-i), sequential shift mode, uphill/downhill shift logic and TOW/HAUL mode
    Fuel Type Gasoline Fuel
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  • Image
    2020 Ford F-150
    Body Style "4WD SuperCrew Box"
    Color GRAY
    Mileage 18,192
    # of Doors Crew Pickup
    Engine 5.0L V8 -inc: auto start-stop technology and flex-fuel capability,
    Transmission Electronic 10-Speed Automatic -inc: selectable drive modes: normal/tow-haul/snow-wet/EcoSelect/sport
    Fuel Type Gasoline Fuel
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  • Image
    2020 Chevrolet Silverado 1500
    Body Style "4WD Crew Cab LT"
    Color RED
    Mileage 17,427
    # of Doors Crew Pickup
    Engine V8, 5.3L
    Transmission ---
    Fuel Type Gasoline Fuel
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