Trade Program

Is it time to Trade-Out or Trade-Up?

At The Key, we have several options available for customers to choose from when it comes to “trading up” into a newer vehicle or “trading out” to a vehicle of the same or lower price. Below are the different options we offer:

  1. $1000 Trade-Out: At any time, if you decide you would like a different vehicle or would like to lower your payment, you may trade-out. The cost for this program is $1,000. There are a few requirements for trading-out:
    • The new vehicle must be the same cost or lower to your current vehicle
    • Payments must be current
    • Tags must be current
    • Vehicle must be in customer’s name
    • Have a valid driver’s license
    • At least 30 days of documented employment
    • Must not be in open bankruptcy
    • Proof of residence
    • No major body damage will be accepted on $1000 trade-out
    • Additional down may be required if upgrading in vehicle price
    • All parties must be on new loan, unless prior approval by the Finance Manager has been approved
    • Any variations will need to be approved by the Finance Manager.